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Update, Contest, and If Bane was Darth Vader

2012-08-11 23:35:24 by TomStheVoice

It's been a long time! :)

But yeah, I've been juggling a few things. Between a voice acting contest, a part-time job, and preparing for more of that "college" thing.

Unfortunately, I was booted from the contest, but I managed to make it to the TOP 4 of 261! Twas an incredible honor. Check out the contest for yourself (the link may take some time to work since at this moment, it doesn't exist yet lol) ce-out/season-2/round-5

While I'm here, check out this Impression video of Bane I did...if he was DARTH VADER.

Ahhh... I love Newgrounds. <3 :) Thank you guys so much and if I'm late saying this, WOOHOO 100 fans! :D


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