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'Nother Day, 'Nother Toon

2013-03-15 16:40:15 by TomStheVoice

Another great cartoon by James Beaver, featuring myself as Broly! Enjoy!

Back with a vengeance! And a Voice Demo!

2012-11-22 12:21:57 by TomStheVoice

Hi guys! It's been a while, with college, work and Hurricane Sandy clean up and what not. But I'm back on the saddle, and I made an actual demo this time!

Feel free to check that out. And also, it's been a while since I made a silly skit. So here is what Broly, The Legendary Super Saiyan, would do for a Klondike Bar. :)

Also, Happy Turkey Day! :D

Update, Contest, and If Bane was Darth Vader

2012-08-11 23:35:24 by TomStheVoice

It's been a long time! :)

But yeah, I've been juggling a few things. Between a voice acting contest, a part-time job, and preparing for more of that "college" thing.

Unfortunately, I was booted from the contest, but I managed to make it to the TOP 4 of 261! Twas an incredible honor. Check out the contest for yourself (the link may take some time to work since at this moment, it doesn't exist yet lol) ce-out/season-2/round-5

While I'm here, check out this Impression video of Bane I did...if he was DARTH VADER.

Ahhh... I love Newgrounds. <3 :) Thank you guys so much and if I'm late saying this, WOOHOO 100 fans! :D


2012-02-07 23:45:15 by TomStheVoice

Still getting used to the new site, which is AWESOME btw... :P

Hey guys! I got bored! :)

So I made this!

All voices and editing by me. Enjoy!

The Voice makes 3rd place in the Newgrounds VAC7!

2011-10-22 19:12:44 by TomStheVoice

Wow! My submission made 3rd Place!! WOOT! /447383

I am honored and astounded that I made 3rd place. Astounded both because the competition scared the shit out of me and because I have achieved such a high place despite only starting a serious intent on voice acting within THIS year.

Great job guys, and congrats to the winners, especially my voice acting buddy Sirkillington! :D
And thanks to everyone who helped inspire and influence my progression as a voice actor!

Huzzah! The second post!

2011-07-14 17:03:21 by TomStheVoice

Wow! I'm starting to get quite a following!
Thank you guys for supporting me throughout. Without you, I'd never get the recognition I have now (not to mention any work to begin with...and the Daily Top with terebiter's Captain Falcon Strikes!)

Though I'm only making the first step into the voice acting world, it's still a big step.

Still looking for work, so while I'm unknown and inexperienced, use me while I'm cheap. :)

Finally on Newgrounds!

2011-04-17 22:26:49 by TomStheVoice

At long last, I have the privilage of being among a fine league of voice actors on!

Obviously, you may not of heard of me...yet.

I am Tom. I go by Tom S. or Tom-S on youtube.
Here's my Youtube page with more demos, just so you can see what else I can do.

Just putting this post out here so people notice my particular existence. Look forward to working with you guys!